ARLIENLY Technical Services 

Need Help Getting Your WordPress-Focused Online Business Systems Working Right?

That’s our breath. Maybe We can help you freakin’ LOVE your site again.

Tech is a “necessary evil” of starting up an online business. Actually, it isn’t an evil at all because it is that geeky stuff which allows us to run 24/7 businesses, be location independent, and truly run the kind of business we want.

But, that tech can be frustrating. Especially when you’re just not a natural nerd.

Unfortunately, the “do it yourself” and/or “Do it by Fiver” route ends up becoming a major roadblock to people. An entire business can be held back because you don’t know how to pull off the tech stuff.

Or you waste so much time trying to do it yourself that your business never works.

Maybe we can help.

Any of this sound familiar?

Can’t find anybody good on Fiverr or Upwork, don’t know who you can trust, or don’t even know where to start looking for somebody?

You’re worried that service providers might be taking advantage of you to sell you into stuff you don’t need… or make you dependent on them for everything.

You’re not even exactly sure what you need. You need somebody with experience and judgement to step in and help… and finding somebody you can trust seems impossible.

Don’t know who to hire for that job you need help with, but it is too large for Fiverr and too small for a qualified consultant?

You need somebody who understands business and marketing…. AND the tech stuff. And it seems like most people can only do one or the other.

Samples of the kind of stuff we can take off your plate…

We’re here primarily to help people implement the kind of online business building strategies that we teach here at the Blog Marketing Academy. We’re here to help get the pesky tech crap out of the way… so you can move on with business.

Here’s some examples of the kinds of things this service is right for…

  • Putting a custom opt-in form into a specific location (or building that form to begin with)
  • Helping design a landing page or squeeze page to build your list
  • Making your homepage look more professional
  • Setting up a membership site dashboard or customizing training lesson pages
  • Moving your site to another web host
  • Helping to set up membership site software, order pages, funnels
  • Helping to get things integrated and streamlined between different systems
  • Setting up order processing, backend systems
  • Making tweaks to your WordPress theme
  • Setting up marketing automation systems

Let Us Help You Make Your Business Work

WordPress is awesome. You can pretty much make it do anything. Almost anything will plug into it. That’s why you’re building your site with it.

You can build great membership sites on top of WordPress, complete with online communities and course libraries.

You can make it work beautifully with your marketing automation platform or CRM.

You can make it work nicely with your backend systems, your shopping cart, all of it.

Even cooler is that, in most cases, there’s no custom coding needed. In fact, We try to avoid it. But, you still need to know how to connect it all.

You need to design the “flows” and the automation sequences. You need to be able to make the various tools and plug-ins “talk” to each other properly.

And thing is…

You can’t just think like a developer. No… because it comes down to the user experience. It comes down to real marketing and conversion. For somebody to help put these systems together, they need to have that skill and experience of being able to understand not only the tech, but also the human psychology so that we can make the tech simply fuel the marketing and scale YOU up.

It is what We do in our own business… and it is what We can (maybe) help you do, too.

Let’s Make Your Site Work With Great Tools

We're not going to pretend here that We're equally good with every tool out there. But, We can usually hold our own quite well. Given our own experience in our own business as well as working as PHP developers, the language WordPress is made of, for so many years, We’ve used a lot of the most popular tools out there.

Our goal is to enable you to run and control your own site. Seeing as tech work like this isn’t our primary business focus, We have no desire to hook you into any long-term contract or be your “guy” for any little thing. We’d rather get in there, get you set up… then stand back and let you do your thing.

We can help you set up your membership site systems on top of WordPress. We're pretty good with using WP Fusion to make your WordPress site “one” with your CRM. We can help you set up conversion-focused lead-generating systems, your sales funnels, your checkout process, and your backend automations.

We use many well known Plugins even in this site. We hold our own well with a number of other tools… plus We have extensive experience in theme modifications, custom PHP development and much more. While this kind of development isn’t our main focus anymore, We have quite a lot of experience doing it.

If You’d Like To Have Our Help, Here’s How It Works

There are no contracts. No “free strategy calls” where we're going to then try to sell you on a multi-thousand dollar project.

We like to keep things flexible – both for you and for me.

So, We work on a simple credit system. Service credits can be used either for strategy calls or tech service… this way we can even schedule a call together to discuss your project if you need to. You will be creating an account here with and credits will be on your account.

Credits do not expire. Roughly speaking, a credit is equal to about an hour of work. But, keep in mind… We can work pretty fast here. An hour by us isn’t the same as an hour by somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

With credits on your account, too, you can log into your account and submit a tech request any time. This is all jobs-based. No weird monthly contracts or ongoing maintenance plans. We mean, if you really need that, let us know and we can talk. But, it just isn’t our primary business model.

Are We A Fit?

This service is not really intended to get into a big, expensive, long-term thing. There’s a good chance that works out well for you, too. 🙂 But, for us, it also comes down to the fact that… well…

We have a business to run, too. W don’t run an agency. We are offering this service because We’ve had many people ask us for it and We’d be a fool not to listen to that. But, We're not looking to build up a big agency around this kind of thing.

So, a few things We think will be most helpful for us to work together on your project are:

  • Don’t be in a massive hurry. We’ll try to get the job done as quick as possible, but if you’re expecting instant service, don’t bother. This service isn’t our bread and butter. Teaching is.
  • Don’t be an asshole. We're sure you know what We mean. We like to work with cool people, based on mutual respect.
  • Be open to suggestions. Remember, We’ve been doing this a long time and We’ve generated millions of dollars for the companies we were hired for. Work done here is going to be based on that experience. If something We suggest is a little different than what you told us, you should be open to it.

We know. Weird criteria. But, just keepin’ it real.

Our promise to you is that this will be nice and personal. No big corporate stuff. We will also listen to you and your needs…. and our aim is never to force you into the tools We prefer. And lastly, in the unlikely event that We think We cannot help you with your project, We’ll simply refund your money and we’ll part ways as friends. No biggie.


Alright, here’s how to get the ball rolling…

Let’s get started with a FREE planning call.