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Who we are and What we do


Our Approach

Activities, projects, priorities and methodology


Our Philosophy

Steps towards success


Why Innovation?


We make strategy work

ABC specializes in crafting effective strategies for businesses, providing actionable ideas that work, and adeptly managing the removal of obstacles to ensure profitable growth.


Our approach


Structuring the overall task by applying the methodology and analytical frameworks that have proven successful in many similar situations.


Supporting the analysis in areas where outsiders can be more effective, especially in external assessments of customers and competition


Energizing and focusing the team process by facilitating an effective process, diffusing political tension, and creating enthusiasm through the experience of success


Cascading the strategy into action through a disciplined process that aligns every part of the organization towards specific goals and builds required new capabilities


Our philosophy

ABC approach creates enthusiasm and commitment to action


The Organization Learns from the Process:

ABC collaborates with clients to establish joint project teams, sharing pertinent concepts and techniques. The organization consistently refines the strategy even after the completion of the consulting project.


The Strategy is Owned by the Organization:

Active participation throughout the process and consideration of the beliefs and personalities of key parties guarantee that the results are comprehensively understood and endorsed.


Action and Change Happen:

The strategy is linked to an assessment of the competencies and business processes of the organization and defines the skill-building and process changes required to succeed with the new strategy.


Functional expertise

ABC collaborates with clients to tackle a fundamental set of universal strategic challenges encountered by leaders in various industries. We engage with senior management to navigate the pivotal decisions that shape the long-term standing of their companies.

Functional Expertise

Customer Experience

We harness a range of frameworks and tools, spanning from focus groups to conjoint and cluster analysis, to assist clients in optimizing the customer experience for the best possible outcome.


Our expertise encompasses the development of digital strategy, organizational transformation, channel optimization, acceleration of demand generation, and enhancement of customer experience. We also specialize in providing digital transformation and technology advice.


Merging the proven methodologies of our highly successful clients, we utilize our expertise to create and implement agile solutions, incorporating cutting-edge elements like generative AI and cloud technology.

Marketing & sales

Our key strengths encompass analyzing markets, customers, and competitors, defining branding and value propositions, managing product life-cycles, formulating pricing strategies, enhancing sales force effectiveness, strategic market planning, and facilitating international expansion.


These operational networks are fine-tuned to capitalize on opportunities but are equally susceptible to disruption caused by market forces such as changing customer needs, competitive positioning, technology, and regulations.


We offer assistance by evaluating our clients' fundamental strengths, operational efficiencies, and other critical elements to propel future success. Collaborating closely with clients, we apply organizational and architectural principles to align with business strategy.


Our method scrutinizes every stage of the value chain to determine the most effective means of optimizing profits in both the short and long run.

Strategy & Transformation

We assist clients in mobilizing for change and navigating through uncertainty by crafting business models that more accurately mirror economic and competitive realities. Our support enables clients to reshape organizations, leading to sustained and profitable growth.

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