Unleash Your Child's Coding Genius!

Ready to witness the brilliance of your child's coding journey?

Who Could Join?

Any child who has attended Arlienly Hackathon at Level 02

Places are also open for new registrants who feel their children are at this level. Places are secured after two weeks of evaluation.

Registration Deadline
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February 29, 2024

Secure your child's spot in this transformative journey before registration closes.

Why Arlienly?

Ready to witness your child's coding brilliance this season?

Ignite your child's passion for tech

Our 2-month immersive coding hackathon, held once a week, introduces them to the wonders of computer science through exciting Scratch programming.

Connect Globally

Your child won't be alone on this adventure! They'll collaborate with talented Eritrean peers worldwide, making new friends and broadening their horizons

Inclusive Learning, Every Voice Matters

Arlienly ensures a vibrant, inclusive environment where every child's voice is heard. Our sessions are designed for maximum participation, guaranteeing a fun-filled learning experience.

Four seasons Coding Hackathon

Ignite Imagination & Creativity! Don't miss out on the ultimate coding challenge

Our Winter Coding Hackathon is the perfect arena to unleash your child's creativity and set their imagination on

Register your Child to Level L3


Can we tell the world your child's coding journey?

At this level your child is Arlienly's role model to the rest of the community. Arlienly Kindly asks you if we can use their words, photos and code demonstration videos to inspire other children in the wider community? 

Can you share your reflection on our coding lessons?

Arlienly is gathering feedbacks and accounts of your on previous Hackathon experiences. arlienly.com would like to listen to your  suggestions — what you loved what you want to continue and what needs improving going forward. Have your say