ARLIENLY Boat Game – Leeds Community Challenge 

Credits to our Leeds L1 2024 Champions

who worked so hard on this project and graduated on 2nd March 2024

Abigail(12), Ariam(11), Efrata(9), Ellta(8), Esrom(13), Ethan(13), Haniel(8), Helen(7), Hiyabel(10), Isaac(8), Issacor(11), Ithiel(7), Jonathan(7), Lamek (13), Luliana(15), Mary(13), Matias(9), Matthias(9), Melawit(17), Misael(10), Mnasie (11), Moriah(12), Nael(9), Naod(12), Nathan(9), Nazareth(10), Neftalem(11), Penuel(11), Rodas(14), Ruftana(14), Sidona(13), Soliana(12), Thomas(10), Yosias(13)

Dear code challenger,

Welcome to arlienly's Leeds L1 2024 seasonal code challenge. Are we ready?

Here is what you have to do to feel the buzz of coding like our coding champions — two month sprints of full of coding fun, challenging at times of Arlienly coding hackathon.

Create a scratch account if you don't have one with, then download our blank boat-rider-game project.

This blank project is pre-filled for you with backdrop and its costumes, the sprites and vital variables. Your task is to code the good stuff to knit some life into it:

  1. follow the code instructions below
  2. understand the logic on every step of the way
  3. and above all to have fun coding it.

best wishes |