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ARLIENLY your Child's Coding Genius Incubator 

Introduction to Coding: A concise explanation of what coding is and why it is important. It could highlight how coding is used in everyday life, technology, and various industries, inspiring kids with the potential to create and solve problems through programming.

Essential Computer Skills: Concise explanations of fundamental computer skills, including using a keyboard and mouse, navigating the desktop, opening and closing programs, and basic file management.

These skills lay the foundation for kids to become proficient computer users.

Coding Hackathon

  • Step-by-step tutorials that introduce kids to coding concepts.
  • Interactive coding games that make learning programming concepts enjoyable.
  • Concise explanations of fundamental computer skills including using a keyboard and mouse.
  • Engaging activities and games that reinforce computer skills and browser usage in an entertaining way.

ARLIENLY your trusted web site Tech partner 

That Rare Personal and Friendly Expertise You Need To Build & Maintain Your Successful WordPress Site

Tech is a “necessary evil” of starting up an online business. Actually, it isn’t an evil at all because it is that geeky stuff which allows us to run 24/7 businesses, be location independent, and truly run the kind of business we want. But, that tech can be frustrating. Especially when you’re just not a natural nerd.

Unfortunately, the “do it yourself” and/or “Do it by Fiver” route ends up becoming a major roadblock to people. An entire business can be held back because you don’t know how to pull off the tech stuff. Or you waste so much time trying to do it yourself that your business never works.

Consider our Managed Services to get full round the clock care of your website that lets you focus on the main thing – your business.

We are here to help you bring to life your website that complies with current web standards: SEO, DDOS Protection, Web Analytics to give you insight about your customer journey and more. Leverage on the skill of our Tech Team who have 20+ years expertise in Architecting and Implementing High Traffic Household name websites in the UK.

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Delivering Technology Services

Zero-hassle, ongoing support for your WordPress site. We will be your webmaster and you’ll still be on a first-name basis with your “web guys”. We’ll deal with the nerdy stuff for you… and you’ll always know who to contact to if you need anything done with your website.

crafted and Managed

Consider us as your Chief Technology Officer, at a fraction of the cost of hiring one. We Offer a Fractional Tech Officer Service.

ARLIENLY your trusted Business Consultancy partner 

We Make Strategy Work

ABC specialises in crafting effective strategies for businesses, providing actionable ideas that work, and adeptly managing the removal of obstacles to ensure profitable growth.

ABC excels in steering organizations through a swift yet systematic journey of business performance and organizational transformation. Our approach involves actively listening to customers, conducting deep market research, and offering expert advice in selecting software tools. Typically, we extend our guidance to Senior Executives, a wider Leadership Team, and targeted Task Forces.

DISCOVER – Structuring the overall task by applying the methodology and analytical frameworks that have proven successful in many similar situations.

PLAN – Supporting the analysis in areas where outsiders can be more effective, especially in external assessments of customers and competition.

IMPLEMENT – Energizing and focusing the team process by facilitating an effective process, diffusing political tension, and creating enthusiasm through the experience of success.

DELIVER – Cascading the strategy into action through a disciplined process that aligns every part of the organization towards specific goals and builds required new capabilities

Delivering Value Through Expert Business Consulting

We have deep experience helping our clients analyse changing market conditions, explore evolving opportunities, implement strategy roadmaps, monitor shifting portfolios, and assess ongoing performance.

By amalgamating the successful strategies of our esteemed Eritrean Clients, we utilize our expertise to craft and implement agile solutions that prioritize exceptional customer care.

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